In the ’50s, a camera was a big expenditure

Numerous individuals and families generously shared their experiences of immigrating to Canada and of their lives in the Ottawa area. They were equally generous in looking through family albums to provide photographs and documents.

The text and videotaped stories on this website are archived in a digital repository at the University of British Columbia and are copyright protected by the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre. All photographs and documents, where rights are known, are reproduced by permission. Except as learning materials, no text, photographs, documents or videos may be reproduced without the written permission of the rights holder.

The web content was created and written by Denise Chong based on her research and interviews conducted in 2011 and 2012. Technical support was provided by Zhi Li and Sarah Raghubir. The video clips were produced by Denise Chong (interviewer), Alejandro Yoshizawa (videographer) and Sarah Raghubir (editor). The videotaping was supported by UBC’s Chinese Canadian Stories project.

Yew Lee (far right), with his family and relatives in front of his parent’s café, Sudbury, 1950 (Courtesy of Yew Lee).

Sharon Kan and Yew Lee co-chaired an advisory committee which liaised with funders. On the committee were Denise Chong, William (Bill) Joe, Zhi Li, Jonas Ma, Patrick Su, Albert Tang, Raymond Yau, Rupert Yeung and Robert Yip.

This project was born out of a desire on the part of the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre to encourage Chinese-Canadian pioneers to share their experiences from a time when they faced a rising tide of legislated discrimination, in order to better appreciate what they achieved in establishing their lives here.

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Copyright © 2012 Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre and Denise Chong




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