The following is an index of interviewees and their video clips posted on this website. Clicking on the title will bring up the page on which the video clip is featured.



Marion Hum 

“The counter is big but the space is small” About the origins of the Wing On grocery, which opened in Ottawa in 1914

“That makes our family proud” About the original families’ purchase of plots at Ottawa’s Beechwood cemetery, to be reserved for Chinese men who died here without next of kin

“A gate needs a key” About her husband’s choice of location and a name for his new restaurant, which opened in 1957 in Ottawa

Robert Hum

“They never said no” About coming from China to Ottawa in 1951 as a teenager and choosing between working at the family restaurant and going to school

“The elders respected her” About his mother, a respected teacher in China, who was consequently, better-educated than most of the pioneer Chinese men in Ottawa

William Joe

“It was a hard, hard life” About his mother’s arrival in Ottawa in 1923 and sharing the home with the family’s laundry business

“They slaughtered their only chicken” About being marooned by a snow storm after one of the games of the Chinese Aces against a rival hockey team

Golden Lang

“My father wanted the name, Golden Gate Café About his father’s decision in 1951 to buy a café and gas bar that was for sale in Carp

“Every year a Christmas card” About life as the only Chinese family in Carp, and his later success in his photo finishing business

Hin Lew

“More than five per cent maybe” About arriving from Vancouver to work in Ottawa in 1942

“Wartime, schooling and work” About the wartime interruption in his graduate studies to work as a physicist for the National Research Council

“A lab coat like this” About his work at the National Research Council, where he would work alongside Gerhard Herzberg, a Nobel Laureate

Harry Sim

“The boys had to slug it out” About his brother, the oldest of eight children, taking on the responsibility of running the family’s four restaurants, and supporting his siblings to go on to university

“Dear Mom…” About being at university, and writing letters home in Chinese when English was his first language

Gordon Wong 

“I saw the picture in Time magazine” About the time the new Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, among the politicians who were regulars at the Canton Inn in Ottawa, forgot his wallet and had to write a cheque to pay for his meal

“They wanted to sell”
About starting out washing dishes at the Canton Inn and ending up as one of the owners

“Sometimes we go to Dow’s Lake” About courting his wife in Ottawa in the late 1950s and early 1960s

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